Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Winners: What Influence Means to You: The Official Klout Blog

Thanks to everyone who participated in our #iKlout contest, it was a great success and we loved seeing all your answers.

Dot A

#iKlout Contest

What does influence mean to you?

Yesterday, we had a contest, asking what influence means to you.

What does influence mean to you? Tweet your answer with hashtag #iKlout to win a t-shirt!
  • We asked people to vote on their favorite entries by retweeting, here are the 5 winning entries...

  • Influence is when people listen because what you say registers as consistently useful. #iKlout
  • "Influence" to me is that special something people have that keep you coming back to them. It's silent power. #iKlout
  • @klout Influence means moving to the front of the line, dropkicking the bouncer + letting everyone else in 1st. #iklout
  • #INFLUENCE is a sacred honor, not to be taken lightly~ #iKlout
  • influence means trust. #iKlout
  • Congratulations @Krownz @Wesley83 @Heykim @Pugofwar & @Morganb! You've won a free Klout shirt for your thoughts on influence! #iklout
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