Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fox's Lone Star: A gift from Klout

Before you read this blog post take a look the trailer.

I've seen the trailer for a few weeks now, and the truth is I had no interest in the show. A guy that scams people and cheats on women, not my thing. When I saw that Klout ( was sending viewing party kits to people, it really got me interested in what that might include. The kit was, in a word, "sweet"! There were some pretty top notch items. Take a look at these pictures to see everything that came in the box.


OK, let me skip to the chase. I didn't throw a party. I got the package on Saturday, so I went ahead and watched the DVD on Sunday with my wife. I can't do a party because I am going out of town this weekend. I will be in Colorado for SOBCon, and my wife is not going to throw a party by herself. Since the show will air on Monday the 20th, that would be the only window to setup an event. Tip for next time, send the kits out earlier if possible.

Now on to the show. My wife loved the sound track. I think she already owned half the music from the pilot. I think the show was rather well done, but I am not sure if I am hooked. Now that I have watched the first episode, I will definitely check out the second. No guarantees after that, but I am sure that my wife is hooked for the whole season.

For another point of view check out my buddy's blog here. He got the same kit I did:

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