Sunday, September 26, 2010

So United Airlines gets back to me... sort of

After formally submitting my complaint on Monday afternoon, I finally got a criptic response from United Airlines Thursday night. I am at a loss to understand by what they mean by "good will appreciation online" or by "token of our appreciation". I have not heard from them till this correspondence nor have I received anything from them. I replied back asking for clarity and to address the bad customer service I received. Here is the letter:


Dear Mr. Faulkner,  Thank you for writing us about your flights from Denver to Austin on September 19 - 20, 2010.  We appreciate the time you have taken to contact us.  I am sorry your flight was cancelled.  United is committed to operating a reliable schedule for every customer with safety always being our number one concern.  We recognize how important it is to you to get to your destination on time, however daily operational challenges sometimes interfere with our schedules.  We've made significant improvement to our on-time performance, but still have work to do.  Your feedback will help us target further improvement to ensure you have a more pleasant travel experience the next time you fly.  I am happy you were able to retrieve good will appreciation online.  I hope you can use it to provide you with a chance to experience the service you deserve.    I trust this token of our appreciation will help to tangibly express our gratitude.  We hope to have the opportunity to serve you again in the near future.  Please fill out the survey where you can rate my individual performance. I value your feedback and hope that you walked away very satisfied with my service.  If I could have been better in handling your request, please reply and let me know what could have been done differently.  Regards,  Glen Sherif United Airlines Customer Relations

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Friday, September 24, 2010

ThinkGeek :: Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Boldly cut pizza where no man has cut before!

Space... the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new pizzas, to seek out new toppings and new cheeses, to boldy cut pizza where no man has cut before! Yes, this officially licensed Star Trek collectable is everything you hoped it would be. Laser etched stainless steel blade and solid metal construction make it perfect for battling Romulans in the neutral zone or precision pizza slicing.

You'll find that even though the prime mission of the Enterprise has now become very pizza centric, the chrome plated metal construction and padded gift box make the Enterprise pizza cutter a true Star Trek collectable. Plus it looks great on your desk even when not being used to cut your favorite cheese and sauce laden foods.

Collectable Official Weaponry To Boldly Cut

Product Features

  • Metal Pizza cutter in the form of the famous NCC-1701 Enterprise ship from Star Trek the original series
  • Officially licensed Star Trek collectable
  • Laser Etched Stainless steel blade with solid zinc-alloy chromium plated body
  • Exclusively designed and manufactured by ThinkGeek
  • Blade diameter: 4 inches
  • Total length including blade: 8.5 inches
  • Weight : 277 grams
  • Hand wash only

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter Video:

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Mozilla Labs » Concept Series: Seabird – A Community-driven Mobile Phone Concept

Since Mozilla Labs launched the Concept Series with an open call for participation we’ve had thousands of people join in, share ideas and develop concepts around Firefox, the Mozilla projects and the Open Web as a whole.

In response to our open call Billy May, in early 2009, produced a throw-away concept for an “Open Web Concept Phone”. Working directly off of that community feedback, Billy has since finished the exploration with his concept “Seabird”.

The following write-up is by Billy May and explores what an Open Web phone might look like:

Concept Series: Seabird

Also available in 3D on YouTube (cross-eyed/red-cyan/etc):


The Mozilla Seabird, part of the Mozilla Labs’ Concept Series, is an experiment in how users might interact with their mobile content as devices and technology advances. Drawing on insights culled from the Mozilla community through the project’s blog, a focus quickly developed around frustrating physical interactions. While mobile CPUs, connectivity and development platforms begin approaching that of desktops, the lagging ability to efficiently input information has grown ever more pronounced.

Seabird Concept 1


The Seabird, then, introduces a few possibilities into how user interaction might evolve with the advancing motion capture and projector driven innovation in the market. First out, the Seabird imagines how a multiple use dongle might augment the crowded gestural interface with greater precision and direct manipulation of content in 3D space.

Seabird Concept 2

Pico Projector

With mobile phone companies such as Samsung, LG and Motorola moving towards display applications for projectors, the technology remains open for expanding user interaction and input at the same time. The Seabird, on just a flat surface, enables netbook-quality interaction by working with the projector’s angular distortion to deliver interface, rather than content. With the benefit of a dock, each projector works independently and delivers laptop levels of efficiency.

Seabird Concept 3


The form development took its cues from various aerodynamic, avian and decidedly feminine forms. Its erect posture intends a sense of poise while its supine conformity to the hand reconciles that with the user’s desire for digital control. The curvature of the back also serves a functional role in elevating the projector lens elements when lying flat.

Seabird Concept 4

Seabird is a community-driven exploration and does not mean that Mozilla has plans to produce an OS or hardware at the moment. Find out more about Mozilla Firefox for Mobile here.

Seabird Concept 5

Download pictures in high resolution.


Who created this project?

Seabird was created by Billy May, a Mozilla Labs community member who in early 2009 created an initial vision of what an Open Web mobile phone could look like. Seabird is Billy’s followup project in which he incorporated the feedback he received from the wider community on his first throw-away concept. To learn more about Billy May, please visit his homepage.

How does this relate to Mozilla / Mozilla Labs?

Billy is a community member in the Mozilla Labs community and created Seabird in his spare time. Seabird is not a Mozilla or Mozilla Labs project but part of the Mozilla Labs Concept Series. The Concept Series provides a place for the wider community to create and collaborate on projects which push the boundaries of the Web and the browser.

Does Mozilla have plans to produce a mobile phone?

No. Mozilla produces Firefox for Mobile, the popular Firefox browser for mobile phone systems such as Nokia Maemo and Android. You can find out more about Mozilla Firefox for Mobile here.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hp Slate review - Prototype Model

September 24 Registration Deadline is this Friday! |

interior_reg.jpgJust a reminder that the early bird registration deadline is this Friday September 24, so register for a SXSW badge today before prices increase. By registering early you could save up to 40% on the walk up rate! Check out what you get with your Film, Music and Interactive registrations and see why registering by this Friday is such a great value!

Remember, a SXSW badge registration is the only way to make the most of SXSW week, with a wealth of panels, workshops, parties, and amazing networking opportunities. Additionally, register early and get the best selection of hotels.

Click here and well see you this March!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

United Airlines has really bad customer service: clip4 (audio) #SOBCon

This is a continuation of the post found here:

This is the last clip in the series. The cop escorts me back into the baggage claim area and I am given my hotel voucher and a food voucher.


Download now or listen on posterous
Clip4.wav (17915 KB)
At the time of the publication of this blog post I have yet to hear from United Airlines.

Since I know they are reading my posts I am going to propose possible resolutions that I will find acceptable.


  • Ensure me that the action of the employees are not acceptable and that they will be told so
  • Publish a code of conduct for all employees and the public to see
  • Review their social media policy and make it so that they acknowledge the complaints from their customers
  • Promise e-mail responses within 24 hours of receiving them

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Maybe @UnitedAirlines hasn't seen my blog? They have, but choose not to respond.

Here is a screen capture of my Google Analytics. It lists the internet service providers of every visitor of my blog. As you can clearly see United just breaks the top ten with 18 views.

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Don’t call United Airlines with your travel complaints - Travel Tips -

By Harriet Baskas Travel writer contributor
updated 2/19/2009 11:08:30 AM ET

United Airlines is putting the kibosh on calling in with complaints .

Last week the airline confirmed that, come April, it will disconnect the phone line to a foreign call center contracted to field customer compliments and complaints. Customers with issues to discuss will still be able to call the airline’s general 800-number but, as anyone who’s tried navigating United’s (or any airline’s) automated phone tree knows, the focus there is on selling tickets and tweaking reservations.

From here on out, even if you get through to a live United Airlines agent, you’ll likely be told to send post-flight comments, good or bad, in old-fashioned letter form or via e-mail.

Why quit answering the phone?

United Airlines spokesperson Robin Urbanski says the company did research on the success of the feedback line and concluded that “people who e-mail or write us are more satisfied with our responses.”

However, many travelers, hospitality industry experts and folks in the field view the call-center closure as a cost-cutting measure and yet another step away from focusing on customer care.

In a tough economy, when keeping every customer you’ve got is more important than ever, United’s move puzzles folks like Zeke Adkins of Luggage Forward, a door-to-door luggage shipping company. “What is unclear to me is how this [research] led United to conclude that eliminating, rather than improving, their call centers would be the best strategic decision.”

Others suspect that as the economy worsens and budgets tighten, live customer-service centers will disappear elsewhere as well. But that’s doesn’t mean well-mannered travelers should stop giving feedback on service. We may just need to learn some new skills — and sharpen some old ones.

“It’s a skill that anyone can master and everyone should,” says Betsy Whitmore of Angie’s List, a Web site that invites consumers to rate and review companies and services. “Whether it’s travel, home improvement or restaurant service, not speaking up about bad or good service is a disservice to you and the company involved.”

Whitmore is right, says John Crotts, director of the hospitality and tourism management program at the College of Charleston. “Customers or guests who complain are a business’s best friend. They are telling you where your problems are and giving you the opportunity to correct mistakes, thereby keeping their loyalty.” His advice to travelers: “Speak up!”

How to give feedback
OK, we will. And if no one answers the phone, we’ll put our issues in writing using some of these tips from well-mannered, experienced travelers and experts in the field:

Don’t yell. When writing your complaint letter, always keep your cool, says customer service consultant Esteban Kolsky. “While calling someone names in a letter may help you feel better, it does not improve your odds of getting what you want — it actually does the opposite.” Business travel expert Chris McGinnis agrees. “Write your emotion-packed ‘I'll never use you again’ letter first, then put it in a drawer and re-write it later.” He adds, “Keep things short and sweet. Include an ‘executive summary’ at the top of the letter, show the details below, but never, ever more than a single page.”

Be specific. When complaining to an airline, Anne Banas of says be clear about the details of your experience and very specific about what you want to happen. “Always ask for some form of compensation and attach an appropriate dollar figure. Of course, this is easy if your loss was tangible, but even if it is not, come up with a figure for inconvenience and hassle. Do you want a voucher for future travel? More frequent flyer miles? A check? An upgrade next time you travel?”

Be realistic and fair. When sending feedback to a hotel, Lara Weiss of K Hotels suggests directing your note to the general manager of the property and copying the corporate office, if there is one. “Demanding a refund never works,” says Weiss, “because then you just look like you want your money back and don’t really care about the experience.” She says hotels would much rather offer you a free stay to come back and try them again but warns against writing a complaint to a hotel after you have already written a bad review on sites like TripAdvisor. “You will lose all opportunity because you’ve already done the damage.”

Don’t over-dramatize. Guido Adelfio of Bethesda Travel Center shared the story of a client who fell in the hallway in a French hotel, chipped a tooth and complained when the hotel ignored his request for compensation. “The customer asked for dental bills, medical bills…, a refund of the airfare, a meal allowance, plus a fund for the inconvenience and discomfort,” says Adelfio. “Of course they didn't hear back. They’d asked for the sun, the moon and the stars, far beyond the damage suffered.”

If you need to, go up the ladder. If you don’t get a response to your well-written complaint letter, it may be because the person reading it doesn’t have the authority to do anything about it. That’s when Kelli Grant, Senior Consumer Reporter at, suggests going up the ladder. “There’s a great Web site called Executive Bomb that helps you find executive e-mail addresses for a given company. This way, if your initial complaint falls on deaf ears, you can be sure the next try doesn’t.” And don’t forget that these days many company representatives can also be reached via Twitter, she says. “UPS, Bank of America, JetBlue and Comcast all have people you can reach out to via Twitter to help solve problems. It’s fast help, and usually pretty effective.”

On-the-ground strategies
If it’s really fast help you want, then Tom Murphy suggests learning how to resolve travel complaints in real time. Murphy is the Director of the Human Resiliency Institute at Fordham University in New York and has been helping teach airport and airline employees how to solve customer issues before they become written complaints.

He says the three key tools employees are taught to use — body language, tone of voice and words — can be used by travelers as well.

“If you can, approach a worker with an understanding of the stresses that person has on their job and let them do their job without getting in their face,” he says. “If you use body language and words that have respect, then you have a better chance of getting what you want.”

That approach works for experienced traveler and expert negotiator Ashley Grayson. “The secret is: Don't wait until you have to complain,” he says. “Act immediately to get the optimum solution from the person in front of you.”

Grayson is a literary agent who knows a thing or two about using words effectively. So he offers this opening line: “I’ve got this terrible problem that I hope you can help with. But if you can’t, let’s get someone who can."

Longtime public radio host Bill Radke, also an expert with words, has had luck resolving travel issues with this opening line: “I’m looking for a hero here.”

Radke says he suspects the line works because “people want their work to matter. So in just the right circumstances, when the other party knows you're getting red-taped or shafted” the person at the hotel front desk or airline counter “might just step in to be your hero.”

And in a world of cranky, unhappy travelers, if someone is asking for the moon, why not be their star?

Harriet Baskas writes's popular weekly column, The Well-Mannered Traveler. She is the author of the “Stuck at the Airport” blog, a contributor to National Public Radio and a columnist for

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

United Airlines has really bad customer service: clip3 (audio) #SOBCon

This is a continuation of the post found here:

Many people have asked how the conversation with the police went. Here is that interaction in it's entirety. I wasn't going to include the clip, but since it was requested I have decided to go ahead and put it in. You only hear two out of the three officers that where out in the corridor. 


Download now or listen on posterous
Clip3.wav (26356 KB)

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Happy Wrap — Delivering Happiness: @zappos and @dhbook are coming to Austin!

What would a Delivering Happiness Bus Tour be without a Happy Wrap? Find out what the Delivering Happiness Bus Crew has been up to during the first half of the tour, by watching this catchy Happy Wrap video. We’ll be kicking-off the second half of the tour in Boston on September 26, so keep an eye out for upcoming events coming to your city.

Warning: What you are about to watch may cause spontaneous singing and dancing.

The Zappos crew will be here in Austin 10/27 – 10/31. I just finished the book today, and I was not disappointed. Mark your calendars and make sure you find them and say hi while they visit our city.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

United Airlines has really bad customer service: clip2 (audio) #SOBCon

This is a continuation of the post found here:


After waiting a bit longer the supervisor finally shows up to help with the room vouchers. While the supervisor was helping the other guy who was also waiting, I decided to take pictures as evidence for when I launch my formal complaint. I know the first thing that people want to know when launching a complaint is to identify the parties involved. I had the audio, now for pictures.

This audio clip is the moment when the supervisor notices that I am using my phone to take pictures. I am then sent outside the baggage claim area to three waiting officers.

Download now or listen on posterous
Clip2.wav (6287 KB)

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SXSW 2011 Interactive Keynotes - One of which is moot.

We are thrilled to announce our first three Keynote Speakers for SXSW Interactive 2011.

Christopher Poole, Founder of 4Chan and Canvas; Blake Mycoskie, Founder of TOMS Shoes; and futurist Bruce Sterling in the Closing Speaker Keynote slot. We believe these initial keynote selections reflect the underlying community spirit that is the foundation of SXSW.

christopher_ poole_moot_headshot_sized_post.jpgChristopher "moot" Poole is the founder of, a simple image-based bulletin board, which has grown from a niche site targeting anime fans to one of the most influential communities on the 'Net. With over 12 million users a month, many popular viral videos, Internet phenomena, and memes get their start on 4chan. In 2010 Poole was a featured speaker at the TED Conference, and he has been profiled by TIME, CNN, The Washington Post, and Technology Review. Recently he started a new project called Canvas, which is working on new and better ways for people to hang out and collaborate online.

blake_mycoskie_shoes_sized__0.jpgBlake Mycoskie's company, TOMS Shoes, is a model of philanthropic entrepreneurism benefiting the worldwide community with a simple promise: to give a pair of new shoes to children in need with every pair sold. The TOMS One for One movement harnesses the power of consumers to make positive social change and has become the hallmark of social enterprise, now taught in universities around the world. Thanks to supporters, TOMS is now on track to give the One Millionth Pair of new shoes to a child in need this September 2010.

BruceSterling_front_post.jpgScience fiction author and futurist Bruce Sterling’s insightful commentary has long fascinated the community of digital creatives at SXSW. His writings have been very influential in the cyberpunk movement in literature, specifically the novels Heavy Weather (1994), Islands in the Net (1988), Schismatrix (1985), The Artificial Kid (1980), and Involution Ocean (1977). Bruce is the editor of Mirrorshades, co-editor of The Cyberpunk Anthology, and co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He currently blogs at Beyond the Beyond for Wired Magazine.

Stay tuned to the SXSW website later today as we will announce the first 200 accepted programming titles for the 2011 event.

Photos courtesy Christopher Poole, Blake Mycoskie, and Bruce Sterling

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

United Airlines has really bad customer service: clip1 (audio) #SOBCon

This is the first clip from my horrible experience flying United Airlines. I went to #SOBCon Colorado this weekend, and had a great time. In route to the airport for my trip back home I get an automated call telling me that my flight has been canceled. Not delayed, canceled, and to press "0" to talk to a customer service rep. I did what I was told and was greeted with a response that the extension that I dialed wasn't available. When I got to the airport I went strait to the ticketing counter to get info on another flight to Austin. This is about 11am, and my original flight was scheduled to leave at 12:23pm. The lady at the counter informs me that the plane had mechanical issues and that there were no other flights to Austin. The best she could do for me is put me on a flight to Dallas at 5:45pm, stay over night, and catch a 7am flight to Austin the next day.

Since the change in schedule was due to a failure of United Airlines, they would of course pay for my hotel stay. I agreed and got rebooked. She let me know that I had to go to the United Airline counter to get my accommodation info when I landed. 

I get to Dallas a little after 8pm. There is no one at the counter outside the gate when we land, or at any of the other gates. This was my first sign that something was wrong. I went to the ticketing counter and that is empty also. Then I spoke with one of the random airport staff that happen to walking around and asked when someone would be back at the counter. The answer... 4am. That led to the follow-up question of if any United Airline employees were about. I was referred to baggage claim.

I wesnt to baggage claim and it very obvious that the guy seemed lost as to what to do. He wasn't very helpful, or nice about the situation. After going back and forth for several minutes the guy finally admits that he doesn't know how to get me, and a fellow abandon traveler, in a hotel room. He says he needs to get a supervisor. Me and my traveler friend wait for 40 minutes before I try to get a status update.

The clip below is what happened, and the first time I am threatened with a police response:

Download now or listen on posterous
Clip1.wav (12920 KB)

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Winners: What Influence Means to You: The Official Klout Blog

Thanks to everyone who participated in our #iKlout contest, it was a great success and we loved seeing all your answers.

Dot A

#iKlout Contest

What does influence mean to you?

Yesterday, we had a contest, asking what influence means to you.

What does influence mean to you? Tweet your answer with hashtag #iKlout to win a t-shirt!
  • We asked people to vote on their favorite entries by retweeting, here are the 5 winning entries...

  • Influence is when people listen because what you say registers as consistently useful. #iKlout
  • "Influence" to me is that special something people have that keep you coming back to them. It's silent power. #iKlout
  • @klout Influence means moving to the front of the line, dropkicking the bouncer + letting everyone else in 1st. #iklout
  • #INFLUENCE is a sacred honor, not to be taken lightly~ #iKlout
  • influence means trust. #iKlout
  • Congratulations @Krownz @Wesley83 @Heykim @Pugofwar & @Morganb! You've won a free Klout shirt for your thoughts on influence! #iklout
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    #iKlout Contest: What Influence Means to You

    Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    Mini Cannon Firing and Destroying Targets (Among the world's smallest guns)

    Naked woman demands cab ride to Michigan • The Register

    A 29-year-old woman who was refused a cab ride from Louisiana to Michigan responded by whipping off her kit on the back seat and then stealing the taxi, the Times-Picayune reports.

    Police mugshot of Jennifer Gille, Photo: Covington Police DepartmentJennifer Gille, 29, (pictured) caught a cab from a motel in Covington at around 1am on Sunday. The driver duly delivered her to a spot south of the city, but his passenger "refused to get out of the cab and began behaving erratically".

    Covington Police spokesman Captain Jack West explained that she "first took off her clothing, then demanded that the cabbie take her to Michigan".

    He not unreasonably refused, since Gille lives in St Clair Shores, 1000 miles from Covington. His fare then unreasonably refused to exit the vehicle.

    The cab driver whisked the naked refusenik to Covington police station, but made the mistake of popping inside to get assistance, at which point she stole his cab.

    Officers found the car and Gille, "still naked" on the back seat, about a block away. She was forcibly removed from the vehicle, obliged to put her dress back on, and cuffed for "unauthorized use of a movable and obscenity".

    Captain West noted Gille "appeared to be intoxicated". ®

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    My DVI adapter is happy to see me!

    It looks like my gadgets like me back.

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    Walmart Introduces Walmart Family Mobile Powered by T-Mobile

    BENTONVILLE, Ark., Sept. 13, 2010 – To help families stay connected while saving money, Walmart (NYSE: WMT) announced it will launch Walmart Family Mobile™ powered by T-Mobile, a new brand of post-paid cell phone service that offers the best value for unlimited talk and text. Walmart Family Mobile is a new monthly post-paid plan available without a contract or multi-year commitment, and offers a family of three savings of up to $1,200 per year compared to the leading national unlimited talk and text plans*. The service will be provided by T-Mobile over its nationwide network, and will be sold exclusively by Walmart in nearly 2,500 stores starting Sept. 20.

    Walmart Family Mobile was designed with families in mind, and offers the easiest, most affordable way to enjoy high-quality post-paid service. Every line has Unlimited Talk & Text, so customers can be assured of no surprise overages when they receive their bill each month. The first line of service is just $45 per month, and each additional line is only $25 per month. In addition, Walmart Family Mobile has phones for the whole family from Samsung, Motorola and Nokia, including phones with the Android Operating System, QWERTY keyboard, touch screens and other features. Since there is no annual contract, customers can upgrade anytime by purchasing a new handset with no extra fees or contract commitment.

    “Walmart Family Mobile makes it more affordable to build meaningful relationships with family and friends so that even when budgets are limited, time spent communicating with loved ones isn’t,” said Greg Hall, vice president of merchandising, Walmart U.S. “This plan provides families with the flexibility to connect with each other without surprise charges and with the added benefit of one of the most trusted wireless network providers.”

    “Walmart is known for great value and we’re pleased to offer our robust network of nationwide coverage for Walmart Family Mobile,” said Jim Alling, Chief Operations Officer, T-Mobile USA. “This new service is an innovative approach, offering post-paid customers a low-cost alternative for unlimited voice, messaging, web and inexpensive international calling.”

    Data plans are also easy and affordable with Walmart Family Mobile. Activated accounts come with a free preloaded 100MB WebPakTM — which provides access to the internet — for every line of service. The WebPakTM is shared among all lines on an account and unused data never expires. Additional WebPakTM refill cards are purchased upfront in stores or online at, ensuring there are no overage fees or monthly data fees. The WebPakTM can also be used to make international calls to several countries for as low as 5¢ per minute**, as well as download ringtones, games and other apps.

    More information about Walmart Family Mobile will be available later this week online at

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    Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    Dell readies flip-screen tablet-cum-netbook • reghardware

    Image via @lionelatdell

    IDF Dell has demo'd a novel convertible tablet that does away with the usual tilt'n'pivot mount.

    Instead, it's based around a 10in screen that's mounted within a netbook clamshell chassis but which can rotate about a central horizontal axis, within the bezel, to face in or out.

    The catch is it makes for a chunky tablet, but it does give users the benefit of a physical keyboard and a trackpad, plus the usual array of portage. And it's thinner than convertibles based on the customary tilt and pivot mount.

    Dell didn't talk specs, but demo guy did say the convertible will use Windows 7 Premium. Hopefully, that means a higher resolution screen than the usual netbook 1024 x 768.

    It's likely the convertible will use the recently released dual-core Atom N550.

    Set to go on sale "later this year", the tablet will be called the Inspiron Duo. ®

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    Austinites: Please help me find a place for a friend (PLZ RT)

    A really good friend of mine needs a place to live month to month. He would like to live close to Southwest Austin, but is open to other places. The sooner he can find the place the better. He is a really great guy and easy to get along with. Please pass this to anyone that can help. I personally endorse him and vouch for his trustworthiness.


    Send me all recommendations to my twitter account or this blog post at

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    Sunday, September 12, 2010

    Fox's Lone Star: A gift from Klout

    Before you read this blog post take a look the trailer.

    I've seen the trailer for a few weeks now, and the truth is I had no interest in the show. A guy that scams people and cheats on women, not my thing. When I saw that Klout ( was sending viewing party kits to people, it really got me interested in what that might include. The kit was, in a word, "sweet"! There were some pretty top notch items. Take a look at these pictures to see everything that came in the box.


    OK, let me skip to the chase. I didn't throw a party. I got the package on Saturday, so I went ahead and watched the DVD on Sunday with my wife. I can't do a party because I am going out of town this weekend. I will be in Colorado for SOBCon, and my wife is not going to throw a party by herself. Since the show will air on Monday the 20th, that would be the only window to setup an event. Tip for next time, send the kits out earlier if possible.

    Now on to the show. My wife loved the sound track. I think she already owned half the music from the pilot. I think the show was rather well done, but I am not sure if I am hooked. Now that I have watched the first episode, I will definitely check out the second. No guarantees after that, but I am sure that my wife is hooked for the whole season.

    For another point of view check out my buddy's blog here. He got the same kit I did:

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    (F)ear, (U)ncertainty and (D)oubt

    Saw this at the grocery store today and the name captured exactly how about the, ummm, product.

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    Wednesday, September 8, 2010

    Crazy Footage Shows Inside Of Cruise Ship During Rough Seas (VIDEO)

    If you've ever been sea-sick before, prepare to have a pretty vivid flashback. This insane CCTV footage of the Pacific Sun cruise ship hitting some high seas will make you glad to be on land. Watch as chairs, tables, and people slide across the floor with each crashing wave. Some people look frightened, but others look like they're on the ride of their lives. It doesn't look like anyone was hurt*, and someone set the whole video to "I am sailing" by Rod Stewart which makes it that much more ridiculous. (Via The Daily What)

    *Somehow we missed a woman in the video hitting her head on a pole and falling down. We hope she's ok! Thanks to Thomas L. for pointing this out.


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    Google Instant Searches the Web “Before You Type” - PCWorld

    Google has rekindle its love for speedy Web searches with Google Instant, a new version of the search engine that displays results as you type.

    When typing a search query with Google Instant, results appear after the first letter is entered, and they update as the user types. Marissa Mayer, Google's vice president of search and user experience, said results are actually delivered "before you type," because Google Instant predicts and automatically completes search terms.

    According to Google, a typical searcher spends nine seconds entering a query, and 15 seconds searching for answers. Google hopes to shave two to five seconds per search using Google Instant.

    Click to EnlargeGoogle claims that Instant won't considerably slow down Internet connections, because the amount of data delivered for search terms is relatively small, and because the system only sends parts of the page that change when more typing alters a search result. For connections that are already slow, Google Instant automatically turns off, and users can also shut off the service through their user preferences or by clicking the drop down box to the right of the search bar.

    Google's Marissa Mayer announcing Google Instant WednesdayGoogle Instant is rolling out today in the United States, and works in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 and Safari. More information is available at Google's Website, where users can try the service and set it as their home page. Users in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Russia will get Google Instant over the next week.

    Mobile access to Google Instant is planned, but not available now.

    Here is a video that demonstrates the ABC's of Google Instant

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