Sunday, September 19, 2010

United Airlines has really bad customer service: clip1 (audio) #SOBCon

This is the first clip from my horrible experience flying United Airlines. I went to #SOBCon Colorado this weekend, and had a great time. In route to the airport for my trip back home I get an automated call telling me that my flight has been canceled. Not delayed, canceled, and to press "0" to talk to a customer service rep. I did what I was told and was greeted with a response that the extension that I dialed wasn't available. When I got to the airport I went strait to the ticketing counter to get info on another flight to Austin. This is about 11am, and my original flight was scheduled to leave at 12:23pm. The lady at the counter informs me that the plane had mechanical issues and that there were no other flights to Austin. The best she could do for me is put me on a flight to Dallas at 5:45pm, stay over night, and catch a 7am flight to Austin the next day.

Since the change in schedule was due to a failure of United Airlines, they would of course pay for my hotel stay. I agreed and got rebooked. She let me know that I had to go to the United Airline counter to get my accommodation info when I landed. 

I get to Dallas a little after 8pm. There is no one at the counter outside the gate when we land, or at any of the other gates. This was my first sign that something was wrong. I went to the ticketing counter and that is empty also. Then I spoke with one of the random airport staff that happen to walking around and asked when someone would be back at the counter. The answer... 4am. That led to the follow-up question of if any United Airline employees were about. I was referred to baggage claim.

I wesnt to baggage claim and it very obvious that the guy seemed lost as to what to do. He wasn't very helpful, or nice about the situation. After going back and forth for several minutes the guy finally admits that he doesn't know how to get me, and a fellow abandon traveler, in a hotel room. He says he needs to get a supervisor. Me and my traveler friend wait for 40 minutes before I try to get a status update.

The clip below is what happened, and the first time I am threatened with a police response:

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