Wednesday, September 22, 2010

United Airlines has really bad customer service: clip4 (audio) #SOBCon

This is a continuation of the post found here:

This is the last clip in the series. The cop escorts me back into the baggage claim area and I am given my hotel voucher and a food voucher.


Download now or listen on posterous
Clip4.wav (17915 KB)
At the time of the publication of this blog post I have yet to hear from United Airlines.

Since I know they are reading my posts I am going to propose possible resolutions that I will find acceptable.


  • Ensure me that the action of the employees are not acceptable and that they will be told so
  • Publish a code of conduct for all employees and the public to see
  • Review their social media policy and make it so that they acknowledge the complaints from their customers
  • Promise e-mail responses within 24 hours of receiving them

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