Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Woman Placed In Police Protection After Thousands Protest Against Her On Facebook

A security video uploaded to YouTube, featuring a woman stopping to pet a cat before throwing it in a garbage bin, has caused an outcry on Facebook, which has led to the woman being placed under police protection this week.

The video footage, taken outside of a school in England, has over 112,000 YouTube views and led to a Facebook group called ‘Help Find The Woman Who Put My Cat In The Bin’, with over 13,000 “likes” so far. Cat lovers will be happy to learn that Lola, the victim, is okay. However, the reputation of the British woman who tried to throw Lola in the bin is likely to be scarred for some time.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Lola’s owners, Stephanie and Darryl Mann, found their cat fifteen hours after she was unjustly shoved in the bin when they heard distressed meowing. The footage was captured by their home security system and when they discovered it they posted it to YouTube in order to find the woman who committed this ridiculous act of animal cruelty.

The video was uploaded with the following description:


The woman who shoved the cat in the bin was caught. The Telegraph said that, “According to Sky News, the RSPCA said that the woman was being offered police protection because of the ‘backlash against her.’ The animal charity has refused to name the woman.” They said that although the police denied having offered the woman “official” protection, community officers have been stationed outside of her house as a precaution.

It should be noted that I don’t think all of the people who have “liked” the Facebook page are really so anti-animal cruelty directed at cats. Many of the pictures added to the page are a bit cruel themselves. But I think, all in all, that most of us can agree that what this woman did was not very nice.

If you haven’t seen the video yet you can check it out below, and join the Facebook group if you don’t support this woman’s cruel actions. Why would someone throw a cute, innocent cat in a trash bin? And if they did, don’t you think they deserve to be condemned by thousands of Facebook users and other animal lovers across the web?

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