Thursday, August 5, 2010

Two suggestions that would make Facebook 1000% better

As I participate more and more in the social space I meet a lot more people than I used to. As a natural consequence I get more Facebook friend requests in a week then I did in a an average month last year. I am notorious for forgetting names and even faces. In fact if you have met me in person I will usually shake your hand and tell you so right to your face.

When I get a friend request in Facebook I usually have one of three reactions.

  1. Who is this person?
  2. That person looks familiar, but why?
  3. Oh yeah, let's connect!

Sometimes in that cases of 1 and 2 I will shoot that person a message requesting more details as to how we know each other. The response usually jogs my memory, but it is an awkward and potentially embarrassing process. I will occasionally find out that we don't know each other at all. This brings me around to my first new feature that should be added to Facebook.

I would like to add a field that allows the friend requester to add details as to how we know each other. Maybe even have some check boxes that they can choose something like friend, family, or coworker. Now here is the kicker, allow me the requestee, to set this as mandatory to receiving a friend request. This should cut down on strangers "friending" me and will give some context when I don't immediately recognized people. (More about that here:

If you have been on Facebook for a while you have probably had that moment when you logon and say, "What the Hell!" The ever changing interface can be mild to shocking, but one thing is constant is that it is never expected. Microsoft used to have this problem with their Windows patches. They used to send out a patch whenever they had a fix for a problem. Makes sense right? Wrong! It got to the point where users were getting updates so frequently that reboots were needed multiple times a week. People were pissed so Microsoft came out with "Patch Tuesday". One day a month where all the changes are rolled up into one update.

Facebook needs to have a "Patch Tuesday" for feature changes. One day a month where you may not know what's coming, but you will expect it. It might even grow to something to look forward to, like an Apple product release, or Christmas. Let me know what you think. Maybe you have your own list to share. Tell me and let's get a discussion going.


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