Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello, 3rd-Party Apps: Gowalla Checks in with OAuth « Gowalla

We’re excited to announce that our Check In API is now available to all developers. Want to use Gowalla in your app to connect real people with real places? Now you can!

We first announced the Gowalla API in February. Since then, developers have built fun apps like Gowalla Walk and Users Like Me, and many others. We have loved seeing the creative ways Gowalla enthusiasts are using the API. But that’s just the beginning. With today’s release, we’re expanding what’s possible, enabling your applications to create check-ins on behalf of users. This is made possible by our implementation of OAuth 2.0, which allows users to securely grant access to their Gowalla accounts.

Developers can get started by reading our Check In API guidelines and Check In API docs. If you haven’t implemented OAuth in your app yet, you’ll want to read over our OAuth 2 docs. If you’re new to the Gowalla API, the API Explorer is a great way to tinker around, fire up your imagination, and discover what’s possible.

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