Friday, October 2, 2009

The first installment of #feedbackfriday is out!

I'm so excited! It's like my first child is being born.Now I have sent out all the feedback to everyone that signed up. If I missed you feel free to sign up for next Friday. This go around took me a lot longer than I thought it would. I only went back through the last 5-10 days of tweets depending on how much was there. I kept the feedback short on purpose, because I hate to type. That's why I like twitter. 

So now it's time to see if this baby is ugly or not. For those that got your eval today please leave your comments below. You don't have to go into great detail, just let me know if it was helpful or not. Don't just say "I liked it!" because you think I'm a nice guy or anything. Since I don't have a Yelp page this is the only way to let others know if I am a quack or not. If you want to tell me over twitter also, that's great, but please do it here for everyone to see permanently and forever.

If this doesn't add benefit there is no reason for me to waste your time. I will keep this up as long as needed.

Here is a little Q&A for those that did get feedback from me, and those that would like to:

Q: Did you proof read my feedback? It kind of makes sense, but man your grammar sucks.

A: Nope!


Q: I tottal already do what you said I needed to do. What gives?

A: I could go through ALL of  you history due to time. Take it as a sign you're doing it right then.


Q:Great feedback! Can I hire you?

A: I have a job, but thanks!


Q: Will you be doing this again?

A: Yes. Just sign up using the rules from the first post, but put your comments in this post instead.


Q: Where is the first post?

A: Forgot that, sorry. Here:


Q: I got my #feedbackfriday this week. Will I get one next week too?

A: Only if you sign up again, but new comers get preference.

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