Monday, October 19, 2009

Can you still call it #feedbackfriday if you do it on a Sunday?

The answer is YES! Why, you might ask? Because I make the rules here. A few notes. I had to change my feedback delivery because my standby,,  was down at the time if writing. I hope it is up next week because the formatting was so much better.

I am very sorry for the delay, but if you follow me on Facebook you probably already know why. I am remodeling the floors in out house and it took way too much of my time, and we are still not done. Dust is everywhere and there is cleaning to be done. All of that just slowed me down, but I am still here for you!

So you know the drill. Leave your comments below if you want me to critic your twitter account. Make sure you leave your handle and let me know if you want your feedback in an @ reply of DM. You have to follow me if you want it in a DM, just fyi.

The only thing I ask in return is your evaluation of my evaluation here on this blog in the comments below. Thanks for your support.

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