Thursday, January 13, 2011

LinkedIn + Facebook = BranchOut ?

It's a fact that 80% of new jobs come through direct networking.

BranchOut helps you expand your career network to include absolutely everyone you know on Facebook. It's an incredibly powerful tool — but also a lot of fun to explore.

Every time a Facebook friend joins BranchOut, you see where they used to work, where they work now, and where their friends work. You'd be surprised how many connections you have at companies you've always wanted to work at — all through friends of friends. If you're looking for your dream job, these connections can open the door.

Not only that, you can help your friends get the jobs they want and make yourself look good while you do it. Have an open position you need to fill with the perfect candidate? Post it to our job board and take the guesswork out of hiring. Your friends can recommend people they know and trust.

BranchOut Team

BranchOut brings career networking to Facebook.

The BranchOut team is passionate about social media, online recruiting and building social applications that improve the lives of millions of users. And we should be since we have been doing that for the past decade.

The team is proud to say they're almost entirely Tickle alumni. A pioneer in social media and viral growth strategies, Tickle was the undisputed leader in online quizzes (from authoritative IQ tests to fun personality quizzes to career assessments). And it wasn't just top 20 Internet site with close to 200 million users and $40 million of annual revenue at its peak — Tickle was an incubator for other successful online business models such dating and photo sharing. After Tickle was acquired by Monster for over $100 million, Rick Marini, one of its co-founders, hand-picked a top-flight team — from over 80 Tickle employees — to continue innovating and they formed a new company called SuperFan.

SuperFan built multiple music- and entertainment-focused social networks and social games and ran a consulting tier called SuperFan Solutions which specialized in building social apps and games for world-class brands on the Facebook Open Graph. Top tier clients have included Universal Music Group, Sony Music, MTV, CBS, and Warner Bros Music. Our portfolio includes projects for Lady Gaga, Jersey Shore, LeBron James, Britney Spears, Linkin Park, Weezer, Dwight Howard, MTV's The Hills, and many more.

Although SuperFan was a profitable company with top-tier clients, the team looked to innovate again and launched BranchOut which leverages their decade of experience in social media (Tickle), online recruiting (Monster) and Facebook apps and social games (SuperFan). BranchOut is the culmination of that experience and the most exciting project they have ever worked on.

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