Sunday, January 9, 2011

FG SQUARED – Wesley Faulkner: Social Media Engineer

Can you think of someone in your business or social circle that you’ve seen around for months, you’re not sure who they are, but you feel like you need to know them? Maybe you’re not sure if they are necessarily a future business contact, but you sense you need to introduce yourself just to find out who they are? Wesley Faulkner is that person you see everywhere where there is a gathering of techies or social media enthusiasts. He’s exactly the kind of talented individual who embodies the best of the Austin interactive community and someone I made sure that I got to know.


In my view, Wesley Faulkner stands out in the Austin community as one our most valued members. He’s an engineer for a major technology company in the city and he’s also a vital member of the group of creatives and techies that make Austin the great community that it is.

You’ll run into Wesley at meetings of the Social Media Club, the Social Media Breakfast, at the Kickball Tweetup, the Austin American Statesman tweetup and just about anywhere you’d find active members of the interactive community. Wesley is literally everywhere. We’ve teased each other that we are stalking each other because we cross paths so often.

Wesley’s bio on Twitter really captures what I think makes him a very important member of the Austin interactive community: “Tech enthusiast and social chameleon. I’m looking for friends not followers. Let’s chat and get to know each other. Search #GTKWW for more.”

Like a lot of us in the social media and interactive community, I have a host of favorite groups I participate in and places online and off where I tend to congregate with people who have similar interests to mine.  It seems that I run into Wesley Faulkner almost everywhere I go; which makes me think I’m attending and joining the right groups. Mainly, though, I’m glad I made the effort to meet Wesley online and in person and to become his friend.

I forgot about this post by Mike Chapman. Maybe I should resume my #GTKWW posts. What do you think?

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