Sunday, July 18, 2010

Today I got into two car accidents. Here are the details.

First off, I'm OK. I wasn't hurt in either encounter. The first, and worse, accident happened at 1pm today as I was meeting my developer to discussion some details about the platform he is creating for me. If you are familiar with Austin, I was heading from south Austin to north Austin via Ben White, to 360, to MoPac. I was in the far right lane so that I could make the right onto MoPac when some guy just comes over on me. If you know this stretch, there is about two miles from one light to the next, so there was plenty of time for him to get in line. He even had the pebbles to say that I was trying to pass him. Minor damage, but I still have to get it fixed.

Now onto my second encounter of the oblivious kind. I was leaving my neighborhood to go to the grocery store. There was car in front of me as we pull up to a stop sign. There we were, sitting. For some reason he decides that he stopped to far into the intersection. There is only one thing to do right? Yes, you guessed right. Put the car in revers and blindly back up with out checking the rear view mirror. He slammed right into me. I set my parking brake and get out to inspect the damage. What does he do? Yes, you guessed right again. He drives off. I yell at him and he stops, thank goodness. There wasn't any damage to either of our cars. I tell him he can go, and he apologies and does so. I continue onto the store, hopping mad. Luckily no road rage. On the drive home I see a rainbow, and that calms my nerves and relaxes me a bit. How was your day?

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