Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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Old Spice Owns The Internet

If you haven’t been keeping up with the recent Old Spice marketing campaign you are seriously missing out. It started with a few hilarious commercials in which the actor tells you about how awesome he is and if your man wore old spice he too could smell good and be awesome. Some buzz was created about the commercials and then probably forgotten. A follow-up commercial came out and yesterday the Twitter account for @ started answering users tweets with video replies.

See this is how you do it right people, follow through. All day yesterday and today my stream has been full of tweets trying to get the attention of the Old Spice account to answer them with a video like the ones below.

To Kevin Pereira of Attack of the Show on G4 (@)

To Jim Alden @

To Peter Shankman @

So what do you think of the marketing campaign? Will it inspire you to go out and buy Old Spice? Personally, if my man didn’t already wear Old Spice I would buy it for him. Wearing it makes him automatically better than you and have magical abs that appear with no work. Plus he can do a real Swan Dive.

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