Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beware of Offers from FreedomPop

I got a awesome deal in my email inbox tonight. Free internet from a company called FreedomPop. If you haven't heard of FreedomPop they provide internet access not through DSL, cable or satellite, but through the cellular network. Just like a 4G hotspot, but for your home. They have fairly low bandwidth caps compared to other home internet services, but I though it might be a good option for my mom. She doesn't surf the web all that much and primarily just needs internet access to check email.

A few months ago I filled out a form to get more information on the service, and to see if there was coverage in the area where my mom lived. I never took advantage of the service at the time, but didn't unsubscribe because I thought it was an interesting solution. If the price was more competitive it would be more of a no-brainer. When I got the email below I thought all my waiting paid off. With a subject of "Get Our Fastest Home Internet Plan FREE" and lines like "Introducing - Free Home Internet from FreedomPop" who wouldn't want that? But what's the catch? I don't see any fine print.


I decided to click through. The page has a big pop-up that seemed to echo the email and assure me that it was a free offer.


Check this out, it's not free. There is still a charge for the router. You know what, that's fair. If they aren't charging for the service it only makes sense that I pay the upfront cost for the equipment.


That's not all though. I see the catch now. The free service, is only for the first month. There is a monthly charge of $18.99 if not canceled. I am sure glad I looked closer, else I would have been pulled in by the enticing messaging.


This type of marketing is despicable and grossly misleading. My guess is that they want people to sign up and forget or glace over the fee when they examine their credit card bill, or even worse, just pay it without looking. I know they are a young company, but that does not excuse this blatant bait and switch from seeing the light of day. Shame on you FreedomPop. SHAME. ON. YOU!

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