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Get to Know Social Media Club - Fliptop

Do you have a passion for social media unlike any other? Can you barely go by a given day without thinking of new ways to market yourself on Twitter? Do you spend most of your day scouring posts about Facebook and blogging tips?

Then it sounds like the Social Media Club is the place for you.

Social Media Club was founded in 2006 by two social media lovers just like you. Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells saw the rapidly changing face of online communication and knew there was plenty of discussion to be had if folks like them were to stay on top of it. So they formed the club, which rapidly grew to boast over 200 chapters on six continents.

What is Social Media Club All About?

Social Media ClubThe world of social media is always changing. And in a field so dependent on conversation, it’s natural that there is a means to propagate these talks. And Social Media Club is simply a way for like-minded individuals to figure out what the future of social media will be while discussing the finer points of today’s world.

It also naturally has pulled in some heavyweights of the industry.  Like Kellye Crane, of Solo PR Pro and co-chair of the Atlanta chapter.  Kellye has over 20 years of PR experience, 15 of those as an independent consultant working with Coca-Cola, IBM, and Microsoft, and is frequently listed as one of the top 100 PR Pros on Twitter.  Wesley Faulkner, of WordRipple, is on the board of the Austin chapter of Social Media Club and on the Advisory board of SXSW Interactive. Wesley’s experience spans multiple facets of the technology industry, from manufacturing to product development.

“Social Media Club was my haven when I first entered the world of social media.” Shared Wesley, “Just like start-ups have incubators, Social Media Club is a great place to learn. It makes the novice a leader and turns the good into greats. Many of the people in the industry can be traced back to a chapter of Social Media Club. The club doesn’t just help individuals. As the co-chair of nonprofit outreach we are currently working with A Glimmer of Hope to strengthen their social media presence. Their work touches countless women and children in Ethiopia. With new communication channels they are able to get their message across more efficiently, reach more donors, and help more people.”

Why You Should Join Social Media Club

The tagline for Social Media Club is “If you get it, share it.” We’re all in this together, so there’s no need to hoard and stuff away important bits of information, tips, and resources.  That’s what the club is all about – not feeling so alone as you’re surrounded by hundreds of digital colleagues and friends!

The ways such information is shared between members varies. For one, they have their own wiki, the Social Media Club Wiki. This is an online database of all the information gathered over the years, constantly updated to stay current. Another, is that social media professionals involved with the Club can “adopt” a blogger – they show them the ropes and some tips and tricks – they mentor one another.

On top of such innovative programs, members of the club enjoy updates on upcoming events, a total guide to all social media speakers throughout the world, listings of social media jobs, and even a book store. Between educating new bloggers, members write blogs for the site under different categories, including chapter news and social media education.

If you’d like more information on Social Media Club, visit their website and check out your local chapter. You’ll likely find a meet-up scheduled for the near future and slip right in the social media groove.

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