Tuesday, May 3, 2011

To Mama With Love

Last week I was appoched by Stacey Monk to help her and Epic Change relaunch To Mama With Love. You will see me and many others across the web writing about theirs mothers in a Mother's Day tribute. I have posted mine her on my blog, but I also have letters from my sister and her husban on my heart space. While on the site please look at the other heart spaces that honors mamas everywhere & raises funds to invest in grassroots women changemakers, like Mama Lucy.




To: My Mom

From: Wesley Faulkner

There are many things that I am grateful to my mom for. That would take way too long to whittle down in one letter so I am going to focus on what she DIDN’T do.

Mom, thank you for not thinking any question that I asked was stupid, or not worth your time. No matter the subject or relevance, you always answered, told me where to find the answer, or we would learn the answer together.

Thank you for not comparing me to my sister Mona-Lisa, or anyone else for that matter. When my teachers asked why I wasn’t as good of a student as her, you defended me and reminded them that we were two different people, and each did things our own way. When I was jealous of the kids that were stronger, richer, or more popular, you reminded me that I was special in my own way. NOT to compare myself, but to love myself.

Thank you for never boxing me in with gender roles of the baggage of my lineage. I meet people all the time that are restricted, not by their potential, but by their own self defeatist attitude. You never told me what I couldn’t do. You never told me that I wasn’t smart enough, talented enough, or anything that was out of my control. You allowed me to grow into the person I am today, and I really like that guy.

More love for you than I can show,


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