Monday, June 28, 2010

Diapers for Brides - Overcoming the Cumbersome Wedding Dress Bathroom Barrier (VIDEO)



Diapers for brides replace one of the traditional and important Maid of Honor tasks—holding up the bride’s dress while she pees—with an adult diaper. Diaper-wearing brides will have one more secret memory to treasure in their old age. 

No matter how bulky the dress or how difficult it is to maneuver in the restroom, diapers for brides is one bridal secret that a bride should probably keep to herself.

Bridal diapers seem to be more than just a hillbilly thang. When wedding dresses are just too complicated and require too much effort to urinate, some brides are finding bride diapers to be indisposable. Hopefully most bride's diapers are a "just in case" backup to handle the nervousness of the moment and as soon as the "I Do's" are exchanged the bride's diaper disappears. Otherwise, the bride's lovely fragrance may become rather offensive as the day and evening wears on. (examiner)


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