Sunday, January 17, 2010

How am I feeling?

In a word, crappy. I am not well. Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted to my blog, Twitter, or Facebook in a while. That is because I haven’t felt social enough to use and social media outlets. I am a pretty open book on most occasions, but not in this case.

I am going to share with you just a little bit of what I am going through. After coming back from the holidays I have had a real rough go at work, mainly the evangelist role. The problem isn’t the role itself, but just some backstabbing that I didn’t expect. I am trying to fix this issue, but it would involve some changes. Major stress there because I truly feel a lot of passion around that role.

Soon after I put things in motion to try to fix that issue, I run into something more devastating, heart wrenching, and crippling. Marriage problems. Right now I have left the house and I am currently staying with my sister and her husband in Elgin, TX. This is really painful and I can’t discuss this any further.

Just last week Haiti is struck by one of the worse natural disasters in recent memory. My mom is Haitian so this hits really close to home. I haven’t gotten word of any of my relatives surviving the tragedy, but I haven’t heard anything the other way either.

All this stress has not only affected me emotionally, but also physically. I have had problems sleeping, focusing and eating. As a result I have lost 10 pounds and have gotten sick.

The reason that I am writing this is for a couple of reasons. First I want to let everyone know what is going on, and the reason I haven’t replied to those trying to get in touch with me. Second to try to place some of the items back in my life that I have avoided all this time.

So when you see me, either online or in person, please don’t ask me how I am doing, because the answer is crappy. If you want to show your concern just pray for me and keep me in your thoughts. I will try to distract myself with things that were once routine in hopes that the others will fall into place.

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