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#GTKWW (Get to know Wesley Wednesday) 11/04/09

Part II - Continued from

Quick Recap:

My car broke down in north Texas. I had to leave it there so I could get back to work. My boss is a meanie and is really hard on me.

Now Back to the Story:

I showed up back at work bright and early Tuesday morning. Luckily I was able to arrange a ride to work for that week through my roommates. You should have seen me. Filled with pride as I managed to defy all the odds and make it to work, on time no less. My boss says to me, "I thought you were to be back to work yesterday". I froze. Took a moment, then answered. "I said that I would be back in town on Monday, not back to work. I'm sorry I should have been clearer." He grunted then went to his office. I didn't see him for the rest of the day.

The rest of the week wasn't so bad actually. He pretty much left me alone, and I got tons of work done. I even came up with a plan to get my truck. I called my dad, a mechanic, and described the problem and he said that the problem was simple. The distributor cap was dirty, there wasn't enough spark getting to the engine, thus I was loosing power. All I would need to do is clean the cap, replace the spark plugs and cables, and I should be good to go. Sounded simple enough to me.

I called the convenience store where I left my truck and told them that I would make arrangements to pick it up that weekend. Good thing too, there were going to tow it that day. After I got of the phone with him I called Greyhound. There was a bus leaving Friday afternoon that would get me there by Saturday afternoon. I don't know how many of you have spent 24 hours on a bus, but it's not fun. On arrival to the bus terminal I called a taxi to take me to my vehicle. I drove, at 20 miles per hour, to the nearest parts store. I got all the parts I needed and installed them right there in the parking lot. Huzzah it worked! Just like my dad said.

I was off on the open road. I was even making good time. That is, till I hit Abilene. Big pop, hissing, then steam. I blew a hose. "Luck" would have it that I was just passing a rest stop. The pay phone had the number to a wrecker. He was there in 30 minutes. He towed it to the Pep Boys in town. He was a great guy. Gave me his card in case I ever needed him again. He even invited me to his family cookout. I thanked him and said my goodbye. I got inside and sat next to a man and his teen-aged son. As if in a jail he asked me what I was in for. I'm not sure he expected the story I told him. He was blown away.

At that very moment the mechanic came in the room and gave me the diagnosis. The hose that blew went threw my firewall. It was a part that was only supplied by a dealer, and at that time the dealer was already closed. So I would have to wait till Monday for the dealership to open, and even then they may not have the part. If they didn't have the part it could take a few days to get it ordered. My jaw dropped. I couldn't miss any more days of work. I couldn't afford to be stranded in Abilene.

This Part II, I will continue this story next week. I'm just now getting to the good stuff.

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